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NCDU Holds the First Varsity Youth Leadership Camp

Youth and Education Coordinator announced for North Carolina Welcome Justin!

New Youth & Education Staff Position announced for North Carolina

Shaping the Future of Conservation
Through the Young Men and Women of Today


Our Vision For The Future

For more than 75 years Ducks Unlimited has placed tremendous value in knowing that the leaders of today must guide those who will take their place tomorrow. Decades of successful conservation efforts prove that tomorrow’s needs were never dismissed for the spoils of today.

However, habitat conservation opportunities are constantly evolving, and so are opportunities to engage young people in conservation through education, commitment and volunteerism.

Never has there been a better time to capitalize on public interest in the outdoors to ensure strong leadership and management of the resource for future generations. As we have for decades, Ducks Unlimited continues to recognize the importance of youth-based programs. In fact, youth engagement is an integral part of the organization’s current strategic plan.

Conserving our wetland habitats provides places for waterfowl today and into the future. Restoration and enhancement projects provide another 30 years of management capability to make habitat available to ducks and people alike while land protection and acquisition provides places in perpetuity. We need to grow the next generation of sportsmen and women to ensure the next 75 years are a success for Ducks Unlimited and its partners.

Southeast Wetlands Initiative
Delivering Conservation For Generations

North Carolina is part of the Southeast Wetlands Initiative. The Southeast Wetlands Initiative supports the rich outdoor heritage of the southeastern United States by conserving key wintering, migration and breeding habitats for Atlantic Flyway waterfowl through habitat delivery, science and policy. Within North Carolina, DU’s conservation work benefits North Carolinians by providing places to hunt, fish and view wildlife while also improving water quality, recharging groundwater supplies, and retaining floodwaters during storm events. Conserving North Carolina’s wetlands for waterfowl, wildlife and people is critical as the state has lost over 50% of its wetlands, and the loss continues. Please support Sportsmen for Tomorrow and the Southeast Wetlands Initiative today to ensure a brighter future for waterfowl and wetlands tomorrow.

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